West Chicago Prairie Stewardship Group Preserving the West Chicago Prairie since 1983

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December 5 - Seeding. On a very pleasant December day, 14 volunteers did an estimated 5100 seed rake-ins.

Seeding Seeding Seeding Seeding Seeding Seeding Group Goldenrod Gall Fly Larva

November 11 - Clearing.

Clearing Clearing Clearing

October 31 - Halloween Clearing in the rain.


October 17 - Sumac Clearing.

Clearing Clearing

October 8 - Elgin Academy.

Elgin Academy

October 3 - Seed Collection.

Seed Collection

September 20 - Seed Collecting.

Seed Collection Seed Collection

March 14 - Clearing.

Clearing Group

March 1 - Clearing.


February 7 - Opposum.


January 17 - Clearing.

Clearing ScottHensey Group

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